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This summer why not enjoy carefree weekends with friends and family on your property in Bergen County with premium-built pools by the Alamo Landscaping?  We deliver top-notch pool services throughout Bergen County and its surroundings (Alpine, Cresskill, Tenafly, Englewood Cliffs, Franklin Lakes, Saddle River) We are providing services in Bergen County with the experienced staff and the right equipment. Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of pool services, maintenance, and safety. We are experts in service repairs and major pool renovations without a doubt. Just hire our pool service in Bergen County and the rest is our job.

Reliable Pool Services in Bergen County Since 1975

Since 1975, our commitment to quality pool services in Bergen County and surrounding areas has been unhinged when it comes to reliability. We are experienced in comprehensive pool maintenance and pool cleaning services that will assure you that your swimming sanctuary is always pristine. Our team of experts is dedicated to swimming pool care and pool upkeep, offering tailored solutions for both residential pool care and commercial pool service. Apart from pool maintenance, our pool lighting service will Illuminate your night swims with our state-of-the-art pool light installation. Trust in our legacy of excellence for all your pool servicing needs. Experience the peace of mind that comes with professional, reliable service – dive into perfection with us.

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Why Choose Alamo Landscaping?

When it comes to creating a stunning landscape in Bergen County and its surroundings (Alpine, Cresskill, Tenafly, Englewood Cliffs, Franklin Lakes, Saddle River) then no one can make it happen in the most professional way than The Alamo Landscaping. We are the most sought-after name recommended by a huge number of property owners, the residential and commercial ones. Here are the compelling reasons why you will want to hire us for your next landscaping project:

Make a Great First Impression

Creating a fantastic first impression in landscaping project: great architecture, colorful creating and warm atmosphere make an unforgettable mark.

Professional Standards

We know indeed that all properties are special, and we design our services with consideration to the unique character of each property. Furthermore , we work hand in hand with our clients to create a unique plan that meets their needs and desires.

Biggest Landscape Design And Idea

Our team is considered experts in the outdoor landscape. We have from gardens to landscapes, which extend from extensive, and beautiful to intricate design. We novelty is one of our basic principles. We create landscapes with high quality of art.

Best Materials

Our crew of professionals will be at your service for any hardcore backyard cleaning project mentioned with the use of the best technologies and materials only.

Why Hire Our Pool Service in Bergen County And Surroundings?

Here is why The Alamo Landscaping Is Preferred in Bergen County And Surroundings:

Professional Pool Maintenance for Bergen County

Hiring our pool service in Bergen County will assure you that your pool will be expertly maintained. Our professional team provides thorough pool maintenance, including skimming, vacuuming, and brushing. They will help you to keep your pool pristine and inviting. Regular cleaning will help prevent algae growth and extend the life of your pool equipment.

Expert Chemical Balancing

For a better pool environment chemical balancing is crucial. Our pool service includes thorough water testing and precise chemical adjustments. With this, we can maintain accurate chlorine levels, pH balance, and alkalinity. We will make sure that your pool water is crystal clear and safe for your family and friends.

Reliable Equipment Maintenance

The Alamo’s pool services regularly inspect and maintain your pool equipment. We check and clean filters, inspect pumps and perform minor repairs to keep everything running smoothly. This not only enhances the efficiency of your pool but also extends the lifespan of your equipment, saving you money in the long run.

Convenient Seasonal Services

We offer pool opening and closing services tailored to the unique needs of Bergen County’s seasonal climate. Our team will prepare your pool for summer fun and properly winterize it when the season ends. Trust our pool service for hassle-free transitions and enjoy your pool year-round.

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What Our Comprehensive Pool Service Includes:

Personal Oasis in Cresskill, NJ

Regular Cleaning

Pool maintenance involves several key tasks to ensure cleanliness and safety. Skimming involves removing debris such as leaves, insects, and other particles from the pool surface. Vacuuming is essential for cleaning the pool floor and walls, effectively removing dirt, algae, and other sediments. Brushing involves scrubbing the pool walls, steps, and tiles to prevent algae buildup and keep surfaces clean.

Water Testing and Balancing

Chemical testing involves checking the levels of chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid in the pool water. Chemical adjustment entails adding the necessary chemicals to balance the water chemistry, ensuring it is safe for swimming and preventing damage to the pool and its equipment.

Pool Maintenance

Filter and Pump Maintenance

Filter cleaning involves backwashing or cleaning the pool filter, whether it’s sand, cartridge, or DE, to ensure efficient operation. In addition, pump inspection includes checking the pump for proper function, looking for leaks, and ensuring it’s running efficiently.

Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

When maintaining your pool, it’s essential to check all equipment, including heaters, automatic pool cleaners, and chlorinators, to ensure they are operating correctly. Additionally, performing minor repairs as needed, such as replacing worn-out gaskets or seals, helps keep your pool in top condition.

Personal Oasis in Cresskill, NJ

Water Level Management

Ensuring the pool water level is optimal, adding water if necessary to maintain proper levels.

Opening and Closing Services

Preparing the pool for the swimming season, which includes removing the cover, reassembling equipment, and starting up the system. In winter closing the pool, which includes cleaning, lowering the water level, adding winter chemicals, and covering the pool.

Additional Services

Treating and preventing algae growth with specialized chemicals and treatments.Addressing and removing stains on pool surfaces. Identifying and repairing leaks in the pool structure or plumbing.

Pool Services in Bergen Country

Customer Support and Consultation

Providing regular reports on pool conditions, services performed, and any issues detected. Offering advice on pool care and answering any questions the pool owner may have.

Committed to Provide Quality and Craftsmanship

At The Alamo Landscaping, we pride ourselves on quality and craftsmanship. We have been providing great pool services in Bergen County and its surroundings (Alpine, Cresskill, Tenafly, Englewood Cliffs, Franklin Lakes, Saddle River) for decades and this is the reason we complete every project with precision and attention to detail. We always prefer using premium materials to ensure the longevity and beauty of your landscape. Whether we’re installing complicated paver patterns or selecting the perfect plants for your garden, our focus is always on delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

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Personalized Approach

Not every property is the same and so are the Pool requirements. For us, every property is unique, and each property owner has specific choices and needs. That’s why we take a personalized approach to every project. We will not just start working on what you need but our team works closely with you from concept to completion. We will assess the property to understand the soil condition and other elements. We will listen to your ideas and offer expert guidance to create a landscape that reflects your style and enhances your outdoor living experience.

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Service Areas In Bergen County

We provide hardscaping, planting, landscape design, pavers, retaining walls, drainage, pool patios, paver driveways, outdoor living, pool building, pool design, and landscape and hardscape design in Bergen County. Our service areas are mentioned below:
  • Alpine
  • Cresskill
  • Tenafly
  • Englewood Cliffs
  • Franklin Lakes
  • Saddle River

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