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Do you have a part of the land in front or back of your house that” feels like a bummer? Well, not anymore. With our landscape installation services, you are sure to get the premier landscape maintenance and installation experience. Welcome to our highly skilled and proficient landscape and hardscape design service. Let our modern landscape design team transform your outdoor dreams into a stunning reality.

Connect with our landscape installation service and you will get to know about the magic of landscape installation, fantasy landscapes, and winter wonderlands. If you don’t want to waste your time by searching for top-tier landscape maintenance and excellent landscaping contract service then we are available 24×7. Don’t delay and just contact us now.

If you aren’t happy with how your lawn looks in enter then don’t worry. Our winter landscape experts can create some of the best and most creative winter landscape designs that will leave everyone speechless. From incorporating evergreen plants to other seasonal plants, no one knows the winter landscape installation better than us.

At The Alamo Landscaping and Design our experienced landscape and hardscape contractor team can undertake all aspects of soft & hardscape design work without a doubt. We are proud to provide our clients with the exceptional modern landscape design service. Just let us know what you have in mind regarding landscape and hardscape installation services and the rest is our job.

Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces​
Our team can design and install outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, adding functional and enjoyable space to your backyard.
We offer a variety of hardscaping options including patios, walkways, steps, entrance-ways, and retaining walls using materials such as pavers, bricks, and bluestone.
Drainage Systems & Erosion Control​
We design and install drainage systems and erosion control measures to prevent damage to your property from rainwater or runoff.
Outdoor Lighting
We can install outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty and safety of your property.
All types of Plantings- Annual and Perennial
We can help you select the right plants for your garden and landscape, including a variety of annuals and perennials to provide year-round interest and color.
Flower Design and Installation
Our team can create and install flower beds and garden areas that will add beauty and color to your property.
Mulch Application
Transform your landscape with our professional Mulch Application Services. We'll enrich your soil, control weeds, and boost curb appeal
Creative Landscape Design
Our team will work with you to create a custom landscape design that reflects your vision and needs.
We can transplant existing trees or shrubs to a new location on your property, if necessary.
Seeding and Sod Installation
We can install new lawns by seeding or sodding to improve the appearance of your property.
Seasonal Plantings- Mums
Our team can apply mulch to your flower beds and gardens to retain moisture, reduce weeds and improve the appearance.

Planting and Lawn Care Services

A landscape installation is nothing without a beautiful garden. What would be the point of opting for the premium custom landscape service when you don’t work on your garden? At The Alamo Landscaping and Design, we understand this and this is the reason why we want our clients to have the best and most modern landscape design.

We offer complete lawn care services, including mowing, fertilization, weed control, and aeration. Our goal is to create visually appealing and healthy lawns that resist pests and diseases. We can help you to bring out the full potential of your lawn space. Our experts know, how to transform any regular or dull lawn space into a fantasy landscape where you can relax and recreate while appreciating the aesthetic environment.

We offer a wide range of carefully and professionally crafted packages for our planting and lawn care service, from consultation to plantation, landscape installation, and landscape maintenance, our packages include everything in between. Maintenance. Once you get in touch with us regarding our landscaping contract everything will be handled professionally with our planting and lawn care experts. All you need is to relax once our work will be done.

Fertilization and Herbicide Treatments
Our team applies fertilizers and herbicides to your lawn and gardens to ensure they remain healthy and free of weeds.
Licensed Pesticide and Fungicide Applicator
Our team is licensed and trained to safely apply pesticides and fungicides to keep your property free of pests and disease.
Professional Trimming and Pruning
Our team will keep your trees and shrubs in shape and healthy with professional trimming and pruning services.
Mulch Application
Transform your landscape with our professional Mulch Application Services. We'll enrich your soil, control weeds, and boost curb appeal
Seasonal Clean-Ups
We offer seasonal clean-up services to prepare your property for the upcoming season. This includes removing leaves and debris, trimming and pruning, and general tidy-up of the property.
Flower Design and Installation
Our team can create and install flower beds and garden areas that will add beauty and color to your property.
Weekly Lawn Care and Maintenance
Our team provides regular lawn care services including mowing, edging, and trimming to keep your lawn looking its best all season long.
We provide thatching, seeding, and core aeration services to improve the health and appearance of your lawn.


Winters can be harsh and when there are snow storms then our lives can be immobilized because of heavy snow buildup. However, you can count on The Alamo Landscaping and Design to get exceptional and reliable snow services to keep your property safe, accessible, and free from the burden of snow and ice. We are committed to providing our clients with excellent and timely service. We want you to spend your winter with peace of mind. Hire our snow removal service when the snow around you is getting out of hand. Instead of beating yourself harder to remove the snow from your driveways, parking lots, walkways, and other crucial areas, just give us a call and we know how to handle our job efficiently. Our goal is to make our client’s life easier in such scenarios so they can continue doing their daily activities without having to deal with the accumulated snow. Let our experienced team, efficiently clear the snow and ice with the latest and state-of-the-art equipment. Our goal is to make sure that you’re not snowed in or facing hazardous conditions. From landscape installation to landscape maintenance, getting in touch with the top-notch hardscape contractor to custom landscape design, whatever your requirements are, just get in touch with The Alamo Landscaping and Design. 
Ice Management
We offer a variety of ice management services such as salting and sanding to ensure safe footing on the property during winter months.
Snow Removal
We remove snow from your property, and can also haul it away.
Snow Plowing
Our team provides snow plowing services to keep your property clear and safe during the winter months.