When we talk about the best things about a home then the interior is our first choice but we forget to focus on an integral part of our life that makes it look like a great living space and that is Landscaping. Professional and sleek landscape installation has become a crucial part of modern homes these days. This is where Alamo Landscaping comes into the scene. We understand the value of creative landscape design to your home. And tend to look only the best of the best when it comes to landscape design and installation service for our valued clients. 

Alamo Landscaping offers you the most complete range of services regarding landscape installation.  Be it landscape installation, fantasy landscape design, landscape maintenance, landscaping contract, hardscape installation, or modern landscape design services, Let us know and the rest is our job. As New Jersey’s leading landscaping contractors, we can handle every aspect of the design and landscape and hardscape installation process.

Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces​
Our team can design and install outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, adding functional and enjoyable space to your backyard.
We offer a variety of hardscaping options including patios, walkways, steps, entrance-ways, and retaining walls using materials such as pavers, bricks, and bluestone.
Drainage Systems & Erosion Control​
We design and install drainage systems and erosion control measures to prevent damage to your property from rainwater or runoff.
Outdoor Lighting
We can install outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty and safety of your property.
All types of Plantings- Annual and Perennial
We can help you select the right plants for your garden and landscape, including a variety of annuals and perennials to provide year-round interest and color.
Flower Design and Installation
Our team can create and install flower beds and garden areas that will add beauty and color to your property.
Mulch Application
Transform your landscape with our professional Mulch Application Services. We'll enrich your soil, control weeds, and boost curb appeal
Creative Landscape Design
Our team will work with you to create a custom landscape design that reflects your vision and needs.
We can transplant existing trees or shrubs to a new location on your property, if necessary.
Seeding and Sod Installation
We can install new lawns by seeding or sodding to improve the appearance of your property.
Seasonal Plantings- Mums
Our team can apply mulch to your flower beds and gardens to retain moisture, reduce weeds and improve the appearance.


If you own a business then it isn’t just the inside that matters but how you present yourself to your customers matters too. Having a welcoming and superior landscape that is well-maintained can leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers visiting you. The same goes for your home landscape design as well. Just like a picture that speaks a thousand words, a beautiful hardscape installation can be worth a million.

This isn’t just about clients for business but it is also about the value of your property that can be boosted with the help of top-notch modern landscape design. With our tailored landscape design and installation service we can elevate the look of your commercial or residential property from lawn care to landscape maintenance service, we can take care of every bit of your commercial and residential landscape.

Landscape Installation Services

Landscape installation is a true art form that can transform your existing property into a living work of art. At Alamo Landscaping, we have already been doing this for decades. With more than 30 years of experience, we can take the beauty of your residential and commercial property to the next level.

We will take a thorough look at your landscape before starting any landscape installation and discuss with our clients and get to know deeply about what they want for their property and what they expect from us. We believe that elevating your property’s look can actually elevate your property’s value.

We take pride in being the customer-centric landscape contractors who put their customer’s requirements before everything. We do not believe in one rule for approach and give every property individual attention.

From outdoor lighting, outdoor flower arrangements, and tree transplanting to custom landscape design and hardscape design and installation, we offer all sorts of landscape installation services. We want to create an outdoor space that reflects your personality.


Winter Landscape Services

If you are an avid gardener lover then winter can be quite a dull month for you. Plants will seem sad to you and you may think that your garden needs a rest. But with Alamo Landscaping‘s winter landscaping service, your garden will look enchanting and gorgeous even in this cold, icy season. Being a veteran in the landscaping market, we understand how winter in New Jersey can bring a unique and captivating season and with our creative winter landscape service, we can enhance it.

You can rely on our dedicated landscaping team in NJ. They are all equipped with the latest equipment and training that is crucial for a top-notch Winter Landscape Service. We will make sure that your property remains both safe and scenic throughout the frosty season.

Fantasy Landscape Services

If you aren’t into regular landscaping designs then why not try our fantasy landscape service? With the fantasy landscape service, we transform your usual landscaping into a mix of reality and imagination.

If you haven’t experienced this then our fantasy landscape service is what your landscape requires. Our fantasy landscape experts have a keen eye for attention to detail and a passion for excellence. By combining both we bring your dreams to life.

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